Since 1995 Logelec AG exist and is helping you to provide high personal costs. The PIN-Box S7 is a practical electronic key dispenser with integrated slot for key deposit. It returns the keys to your customers after closing hour. This reliable electronic key dispenser is daily used in more than thousand places worldwide for car repair shops/garages, hotels, offices, workshops, production, holiday homes, etc.

Advantages of the Electronic Key Box

  • Keys are dispensed for 24 hours a day
  • Saves personnel costs
  • Undisturbed nighttime peace and leisure time for you
  • More profit on the closing days for hotels
  • Easy fitting
  • Perfect safety for best price

Technical Specifications of the Electronic Key Box

  • Dispensing up to 7 different keys with freely programmable individual code
  • After typing the correct code to the keyboard the corresponding key drops down to the pick-up tray
  • Protection against malevolent attempts to obtain keys
  • No data loss in case of power rupture
  • Alarm connection available
  • Easy language selection for multi language countries
  • Solid steel sheet construction, coated with weather resistant paint
  • Dual catch safety lock
  • Safe deposit for incoming keys
  • Dimensions: H: 360 mm, W: 290 mm, D: 120 mm, weight of the key safe: 8 kg
  • Installation of the key safe with 3 screws and connection to electricity (230 V, 50Hz)
  • Made in Switzerland